11 Months

Hudson you are 11 months old day....that is one month away from being 1 year old.  Boy time flies when you are having fun.  Sometimes I feel like you have been with us much longer.  You are such a funny little boy, and continue to amaze us everyday.  I am in the process of planning your first birthday party, and I cannot wait to celebrate with all of your close friends and family.

Eating:  You are still a champ at eating.  You will eat anything I put in front of you, and love every minute of it.  You are pretty hysterical when you eat, it is very intense, and you make quite the mess.  Gone are the days of giving you a bath every other day.  We typically take you straight to the tub as soon as dinner is over. Mom and dad may or may not have had a little party last week, because we bought formula for the LAST time!  That's right; you are drinking whole milk.  Well half and half.  You are not a big fan of whole milk on its own right now, so we are mixing it with formula until you get used to it.  You better get used to it soon my friend, because I refuse to buy anymore formula.  We really need to work on weaning you off of your bottle, but you LOVE your bottle.  You may be like your mom and drink a bottle until you are five years old.  Yes.  This is a true story.  In fact; I can even remember making my own bottle.  You will take a sippy cup if we put formula in it, but nothing will put you to bed like a bottle.

Sleep:  The emotional roller coaster of sleeping continues.  You were doing so great, and we had two blissful weeks of you sleeping through the night in your crib.  Then we went on vacation.  You have not been sleeping through the night since we got back.  You always go down in your crib between 7-8, we have been trying to keep you up later thinking it will help you sleep.  Wrong.  You get up once at night, not only do you get up, but you want to get in bed with us.  You are getting to get a big boy, and you sleep very wild.  Most nights I end up on the very edge of the bed, and you are sideways.  We would really appreciate it if you would go back to sleeping through the night in your bed. 

You can pull up and walk along everything.  You have taken a few steps, but still prefer crawling.  I am not sure you will ever walk, you don't seem interested at all.  You love playing in the cabinets, and I cannot keep you out of them. 

I was making dinner the other night, and you crawled out of the kitchen.  I went to look for you a few minutes later, and could not find you.  Naturally I panicked.  I finally heard you in the bathroom, and looked in the shower.  There you were all smiles like you had tricked me.  You did, and shaved several years off of my life.

You went of your first beach trip this month, and the whole family had a blast.  You were not a fan of the sand, and usually fell asleep not long after you got on the beach.

Your vocabulary is pretty much the same.  I try to get you to say Bella, and you will say "Ba" that is as far as we have gotten.  I am no longer "mama" now it's just "mom." You are too big for your britches.

You are seriously one of the happiest baby's I have ever seen.  Nana says you have a much better personality than your mom or dad.  I like to think you get it from your mama :)  If I take my camera out you know it is picture time, and immediately start cheesing.

You are still trying to get the hang of blowing kisses, instead of putting your hand flat on your mouth it is more of a fist.  You have started giving us kisses when we ask for them.  If we are eating something and you want some of it you will smack your lips.

You have learned that you can throw fits to get what you want.  This is going to end very soon.  Mom cannot handle your temper tantrums.

We have reached the point where going out to eat is no longer as option.  As soon as we step foot in a restaurant you start acting like a donkey.

You are all boy.  It is so funny to see the difference between you and Maddie.  You are so much more rough, and bad.

Speaking of, you and Maddie are hilarious.  You all have started speaking your own language.  You will look at each other and rattle off something we cannot make any sense of, but you all act like you know exactly what the other one is saying.  You two are pretty mischievous too.

We went to the Tree House exhibit at Cheekwood this past weekend.  Macy Kate had so much fun playing in all of the tree houses.

This is how you and Maddie felt about it....

You and Maddie both had a nasty virus a few weeks ago.  Thank goodness Maddie had it first, because a really bad rash came along with it.  I would have freaked out if you broke out, and I didn't already know it was just a virus.  It looked like you all had bug bites all over you.  Luckily it didn't seem like they itched.  The Dr said it was something that just had to run its course, and you all were fine in a few days.  You looked so pitiful...

You and Bella love each other very much.  I think she likes you more from the other side of the gate, because you pretty much torture her all the time.

You are love your big boy car seat, and yes you are facing forward.  Mom cannot handle the screaming fits.  Not to mention your knees are in your chest when you are rear facing.

You got your first pair of tennis shoes.  Up until now you never wore shoes.  You hate them.  You are not fond of your tennis shoes, but you are going to have to get used to them before you start walking.

"Not to sure about these things mom"

We went to a wedding a few weeks ago.  It was a very small intimate family wedding. You were "that" kid, and started screaming in the middle of it.

I feel like we have been teething the past two month.  You now have two top and two bottom teeth.  

We can't even put into words what you mean to us, and the joy you bring to our lives.  You are such a funny little boy, and always keep us laughing,  You love your daddy, but you are definitely a mama's boy.  If I am around you are screaming until I hold you.  I hope you stay that way.  I love you so much, and thank God everyday for sending you to us.  It is bittersweet that you are growing up so fast.  I miss my baby, but you are getting more and more fun each month.  We are so excited to celebrate your first birthday next month.

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