Camping at the Farm.

Last weekend we went on our first camping trip of the year.  Last fall my family bought property outside of Lebanon, and it is strictly for play.  They may end up building on it one day, but for now it is a nice little oasis for us all to get away.  I love that we have a place to take the kids, and they can experience life outside of the city.  Luke and I both grew up camping, and we knew early on it was something we want to do with Hudson.  We are lucky enough to have the farm to be able to camp whenever we want.  Even though it is just 45 minutes outside of Nashville it feels like we are deep in the country when we go out there.  My parents bought a camper, and spend almost every weekend out there.

                                            Luke and I thought we would tent camp....never again
The guys fished and cleaned out the pond.

Kiddos rode the mule.

The guys helped with the overpopulation of the frogs in the pond.

We did what we do best. 
The big kids rode the four wheelers.

Hudson caught the crickets, and sure enough it went straight in his mouth.
That child is all boy.

Contemplating life.....

These two are a mess.

I am sure there will be many more camping trips this fall!

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