First Haircut.

Remember me?  I had several friends tell me my blog was out of date, and I needed to blog more.  I have had so much going on, and honestly the task of catching my blog up has been daunting.  As looked through my last few posts I remembered why I bog, and I want to document all of these memories.  My next few post will be back tracking, and potentially out of order, but I want to get caught up before Hudson's 18 month check up.  How is it possible that is a week away?

We took Hudson to get his hair cut a while back, and I have to say he did better than I thought.  By that I mean, he didn't scream his head off.  That doesn't she didn't have to chase him around like an animal to get the job done, but she handled it with grace.  We should have thought to give him the candy beforehand.  Once he was done I felt a overwhelming sense of sadness come over me.  He no longer looked like my baby.  He was a little boy.


I made sure she knew we wanted to keep some of his curls

Such a handsome little devil.  We are already due for another haircut soon, hopefully he does as well as the last time.

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