Easter 2013

There were so many emotions that came with Easter this year.  I think we were still a little numb at Christmas, but for Easter we were really missing having papa with us.  His headstone was put in recently, and my mom really wanted to go see it.  My sister and I told her we would go with her, so we loaded up, and left for AL Friday morning.  I am sure visiting the cemetery added to our sadness.  I have to say his headstone looks great, my grandmother did such a good job picking it out.  I know he would be proud.  We spent the night in AL with some of our family we have not seen in a while.  It was so nice to spend time with them.  Ashley and I used to spend a week every summer at their house, and it was so special to see them with our kids.  There was happiness on Easter too, because we have all stuck with our promise to honor papa by being more involved in church.  We didn't just attend church on Easter Sunday, we attended and felt great about the fact that we have been going for months, and have formed amazing relationships with our church family.  In fact, my sister and I are going to be Baptized in a few weeks, and I know it will make my papa so proud.  After church we went to my parents for lunch, and then went to Luke's family for dinner.  It rained here in Nashville all day, so we didn't get to have an Easter Egg hunt at my parents.  Luckily the rain held off in the afternoon, and we were able to at Luke's parents.  Hudson didn't really understand the hunt, he would pick the eggs up, and then put them down when he saw another one.

We made hot dogs the old fashioned way, over a fire.

Hudson's basket from mom and dad. 

All he cared about was opening and closing the eggs.

Maddie and Hudson at church

Hudson's basket from Nana and Paw Paw.

Mom's Easter Table

Doesn't everyone eat their snack in the fridge?

I felt so blessed this Easter, and I am so glad Hudson has so many people that love him.  I am bummed I didn't get one decent family picture.   I hope everyone else had a great Easter too!

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