Productive Weekend!

This past weekend me and Brittany were shopping fools!  I have been really stressed out two key things for the wedding and they were resolved this weekend!  First off were the girls shoes, I have searched high and low for shoes that I love.  I really wanted wedges since they will be in the grass during the ceremony, but just could not find anything that was dressy enough, so we went to Macy's on Saturday, and there they were ha ha!  It was like they were made for my bridesmaid dresses, and were reasonalby priced which was something else I wanted to be really conscience of.  So tell me what you think......

You can't see that well, but the pattern has all the colors that are in my wedding, and match perfectly!  The next thorn in my side has been the guys suits.  I have looked everywhere to find something that is reasonably priced, and trust me I have found suits that I love, but I just dont think its fair to ask someone to pay $300 for a suit.  So we decided to just "try" looking at Kohl's(i would have never dreamed to find them there), and the good lord was looking over me, because there they were!  They had a suit that was just the color I was looking for and apparently they had JUST gotten them in so we went on a great day!  My mom just happend to get a coupon last week for 30% off and with the sale they were having we ended up getting them for LESS than $100!!!  I could not believe it, and was so excited (i love a good deal ha ha).  So we rushed to get all the guys sizes,, bought them, and that was one more huge check off the list!  Next up im going to take my dress to The White Room on Friday and look for a veil, and jewelry.  I made my appt for my bridal portaits today....I just cannot believe how fast there last few months have flown by.  Im trying really hard to enjoy every minute of it because i do not want to blink and it all be over.


My first SHOWER!!

Not this past weekend, but the weekend before(i know im late) I had my bridal shower! I could have never imagined it to be as nice as it was. My bridesmaids worked so hard to make sure not a detail went unnoticed. They did an italian theme since I love Italy, and everything about it. There was a guy that came to do a wine tasting which was so different and fun, and lucky me got to keep all the wine that was leftover so my wine rack is set ha ha!
The food looked and tasted amazing
                                                        The yummy desserts
                                           Katie made these cute wine glasses for us to use and
                                           have for the wedding day!

                                                    She also made this cute little thank you 
                                                   painting for the gift table

                                          My friend Natasha got me this adorable pic, I have
                                          already found the perfect spot for it=)

This bad boy was the biggest shocker of all, when I
went to register mom told me to add it, and I said I
would but I know I won't get it ha ha.  Well my bridesmaids
outdid themselves again and got it for me...Thanks girls!

                                           These are the wonderful women that made it all happen!
                                         I cannot begin to thank them and everyone who came,
                                         I am one blessed girl!


So Blessed...

My birthday was last Thursday and the celebration started there!  That night some friends and I went to Lime to partake a few adult beverages, and it was so nice we were actually able to sit on the patio!  Friday night was the real celebration, and a group of about 40 of us went to Mafiaoza's, and went to practically took the place over ha ha.  I was looking around while we were all visiting and could not help but think how truely blessed I am.  I have such amazing friends who love and support me, and I am so thankful for that.  Thanks to everyone who came out!  After dinner some of us went out and danced the night away.  I was feeling slightly under the weather on Saturday so I was pretty lazy all day.  Saturday night we had my friends Jill and Josh's engagement party.  It was so much fun to see people from college that I had not seen in so long, and get to catch up.  I am so happy for Jill and Josh and I cannot wait to help her plan her big day since she asked me to be a bridesmaid that night!  My invitations came in the mail yesterday, and I cannot believe how real it is becoming that I am getting married in THREE months!!  I also have my first bridal shower this weekend, and I am so excited to see everyone and see what my wonderful bridesmaids have in store for me!  I wanted to post a picture of the invitation, because I think it is too cute and unique.  All I know about it is we are doing a wine tasting, and my sister couldnt find anything she liked so she had them custom made by one of her friend Camilla, and they turned out great!  If you are looking for cute unique invites check out her website  http://partyfaceinvitations.com/

This is without the text, but you can get the idea!



Well the day finally came for my big meeting with Cedarwood! Boy was it overwhelming ha ha. I had no idea what was in store, but after 4 1/2 hours of planning we nailed down every detail you can imagine down to the kind of music that will be playing in the house while people are in and out(not that anyone will ever notice it). It was like something out of a movie sitting at a huge table with mounds of HUGE bridal books with things to choose from and fabrics everywhere. It was nice to get it all done in one swoop though, and as I have said before it never ceases to amaze me how organized and well run that place is.....they have it down to a science! I just had to tell them a little bit of a vision and provide a few pictures and they just began to overflow with ideas. One of the most important things for me is LOTS of color, thats just my personality, and its just so fun, which is the main theme i want for my wedding. Here are a few of the inspiration pictures that I took with me, and although this isnt exactly what everything will look like they are going to get very close to it. I hope you all like it=)


Weekend Recap

Congrats to my friend Erin and her husband Andy on their new baby boy! 

Whew this weekend was the busiest we have had in a while!  I took the day off Friday and we went to Memphis that morning to see my best friend Katie's boyfriend play hockey, he plays minor league for a team in KS, so we were so excited when we found out he would be playing in Memphis since its not that far of a drive and we wanted to see him play before he retires this year! Even though they did not win the game we still had so much fun and it was so good to see Brad.  After the game the team headed out of town, and we decided to see what the Memphis nightlife had to offer.  Then we had to get up early Saturday morning and head back to Nashville because we had our best friends Brit and Michaels engagement party that night.  The party turned out so well we had a blast!  Yesterday was another jam packed day.  My friend Jared saw an ad for a champagne bridal luncheon here in town, and decided to get tickets for me,Jill, and Brit since we are all getting married!  We were so thankful, because the show was REALLY nice.  I pretty much have everything planned, but dont get me wrong I still enjoyed the cake tastings ha ha.  We also ran into our friends Meg and Natasha who are both planning weddings as well, and it was so good to see them and catch up for a bit.  So this week is devoted to recovering from the big weekend, and getting back on track with my diet I'm really mad at myself for not sticking to it very well this weekend, in fact I woke up not feeling well because I have not eaten like that in so long my body is not used to it.  So hopefully I didnt do too much damage on the scales.  I hope everyone has a great week!