A Day At The Park

Last Sunday the weather was GORGEOUS here in Nashville, so Luke and I decided it was too nice to stay inside and do housework.  We ventured over to my sisters house to see what they were up to,  and she wanted to go shopping so I told her we would take Macy Kate.  We decided to have a picnic at the park down the street from our house.  We had so much fun playing with Macy Kate, and she had a blast playing with her favorite pup.  I told Luke once we dropped her off at home that we have our work cut out for us ha ha.  Hopefully you get used to it, and its not such a big production everytime you go to do something with a baby.  It also made us very excited for what is in store for us.  Here are some pictures I snapped before my camera died.

She was cooking me breakfast.

After a few times down the small slide uncle "Guke"
convinced her to go down the big girl slide

She wore Jax out 

Jax was trying to give her kisses

He is always such a good sport when she is 
dragging him all over the palce.

Unfortunately the weather is not going to be so great this weekend, but that is ok it will give me an excuse to stay in and do that housework I put off last weekend.  Tomorrow I have a day filled with wedding activities, I am going to my friend Natasha's bridal shower, and then tomorrow night we have a couples shower for our friends Jill and Josh.  I am excited to kick off all the wedding activites for these two ladies.   I hope everyone has a great weekend!


15 weeks

I was 15 weeks on Monday, and as I said last week it is flying by!  I am sure it is partly due to the fact that I am feeling so much better.  This past weekend we had some friends come in town and we were non stop all weekend and it definitely took a toll on this body.  I told Luke when I woke up Sunday morning that I felt like I had been beaten.  My whole body ached like I had been to boot camp the day before.  We walked a ton so I am sure that had something to do with it, not to mention this lady was up way past her bedtime both nights.

Total Weight Gain: I go to the Dr next Thursday so I will know for sure.

Changes From Last Week: I can drink water, let me give you a little back story on this.  I love water, and before I was pregnant I would drink 6-8 bottles a day.   Well until this week I have not been able to drink it because it made me so sick.  The only thing I could handle was ginger ale or sprite.  It may not seem like a big deal, but I want to be as healthy as possible and I have hated not being able to drink water.  I have my one cup of coffee in the morning (not only to function, but to cut down on the headaches), and water for the rest of the day.

Sleep: I have always slept on my back, so I was worried sleeping on my side would be hard.  I have started sleeping on my side this week, and it doesn't seem to bother me.  Now that I am drinking so much water I am getting up in the night to go to the bathroom more often.

Food Cravings: Anything salty.  I have also been loving pancakes, and I am pretty sure its a pregnancy thing because I don't even like pancakes.

Food Aversions: I used to cook everything with turkey meat, and now I cannot even stomach the thought of it.

Movement: Nothing yet.

Gender: This week is the first time I have gotten really antsy wanting to know what I am having.  I have not really thought about it or cared, but I am getting where I really want to know.  According to wives's tales its a boy, but who knows.

What I miss: sushi

Questions for other moms: did you pick out names before you found out or after?  We have tossed around a few ideas, but I just think it would be easier to see what we are having and then decide instead of stressing over two names.

What I am looking forward to: One of my best friends couples shower is this weekend and I am excited to see og my friends, since I have not seen most of them since I have been pregnant.

Best Moment of the week: Being able to get outside and walk, and being able to cook again.  I love cooking and I have been to sick to handle the smells so its nice to get back in my kitchen.

I am going to apologize beforehand for the picture this week.  As we were running out the door to meet our friends I asked Luke to take a picture of me for my blog, and this is what we ended up with......

I promise to have a better photographer for next week.


14 weeks

Yesterday marked 14 weeks, and I have to say it has really flown by.  I had a really rough week last week, and was pretty sick all week.  I finally found some allergy meds that are safe to take, and that work so hopefully the sickness is over.  I have felt really good so far this week, I am just hoping it continues.  I apologize if I repeat myself, I am convinced when you become pregnant your brain instantly turns to mush. I have been trying to think of a way to do my weekly posts and I really like how Kara over at the Pickerill Life did a kind of fill in the blank each week for her "bump dates", so I think I am going to do the same thing.  I am going to add a few categories of my own as well, one of them is questions for other moms.  I am adding this because I don't read the books or magazines.  Its not that I don't want what is best for my child, because I have researched and know how to take care of myself, and what to do so that I will have a healthy baby, but I just don't think there are any books that can prepare me for this baby.  I would rather go into it blind and hopefully it will all come to me.  I also prefer hearing from moms rather than something in a book.

Total Weight Gain: I am still down one pound

Changes From Last Week: Feeling so much better and I have noticed my face breaking out.  I know it is another symptom but it is just now hitting me.

Sleep: Like a baby =).  I have noticed that I am getting some of my energy back.

Food Cravings: I have always had a love for things in jars (pickles,olives,peppers,pickled okra) and it has intensified lately.

Food Aversions: before this week it was everything, but I am getting back to normal.

Movement: I'm sure the little lemon is moving around like crazy, but I can't feel it yet.

Gender: I have had a feeling it was a boy the whole time, but noting confirmed yet.

What I miss: now that we are having gorgeous spring days, I long for a cold beer after work.

Questions for other moms: Did any of you have a "feeling" about the gender, and was it true?  Like I said I have felt the whole time it was a boy, but I had a dream it was a girl the other night. 

What I am looking forward to: Finding out what we are having.  I honestly have no preference either way.  I have always thought I wanted a girl, but a healthy baby is what is most important to me.

Best Moment of the week: not waking up and puking in the mornings =)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Birthday Blessings

When my phone started ringing at 6:30 this morning with people calling to tell me Happy Birthday I was thinking how lucky I am, then I stepped outside and the sun was shining it immediately put me in a great mood.  I had a craving for pancakes, so I called my mom and she said she would make me some, so I stopped at her house on my way to work.  When I got to her house it was the first time I had watched TV all morning and the first I saw about the earthquake in Japan.  Again I found myself counting my blessings and saying prayers for the people of Japan.  I have been so overwhelmed with all of my Birthday wishes today and I wish I could reply to each and every person, but I hope you all know how much I appreciate it.  I woke up this morning to flowers and the sweetest card, and Luke is taking me to dinner at a surprise location tonight.  I am so excited for a nice meal, being pregnant you seem to enjoy food so much more ha ha.  Tomorrow we are going to cookout with our families and just have a low key night.  I have to say the best birthday present ever is the little bambino growing in my belly.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


13 Weeks

I was thirteen weeks yesterday, and thank goodness I am close to what they call the "honeymoon trimester".  Technically you are not through your first trimester until you are fourteen weeks, so I am hoping all of the sickness will be completely gone in a week or so.  My sister says it is amazing how much better I will feel once I hit the 14 week mark.  I have been feeling a lot better, because instead of being sick ALL of the time it just comes in waves and doesn't last that long.  Recently I have been battling sinus/allergy problems.  I have always had TERRIBLE allergies so its pretty normal, but I can't take my normal meds so it has been a little worse.  I have also been having really bad headaches, again this is something that is normal for me, but I don't want to take Tylenol all the time, and they are starting to make me crazy.  I feel like I walk around with headaches 24/7 I have heard that headaches can be another symptom of pregnancy, did anyone else have this problem....any safe remedies you can recommend?  When I went to the Dr. last week I had lost a pound so I still have not gained any weight, but I sure it will come.  I am starting to show, and none of my jeans fit comfortably.  I didn't expect to show so soon, and its really odd since I am not gaining any weight.  I bought my first pair of maternity jeans and they were so weird at first, but I love them now.  I cannot get enough fruit, but I'm not sure if it is a craving or just the warm weather approaching.  Even when I was not pregnant I was very sensitive to smell, I can smell something funny and it will make me sick, so you can imagine how it is being pregnant.  There are really too many things to name that the smell makes me sick.  I have tried to cover all of the questions that people usually ask me, but hopefully I will get better at these weekly updates.  My birthday is Friday so hopefully by next week I will have a shiny new camera and can post pictures.  I hope everyone has a great day!


One Sick Mama

You know how I said one of the reasons I didn't think I was pregnant was because I wasn't having any symptoms?  Well that was very short lived, it did not take long for the morning/all day sickness to rear its ugly head.  It is very exciting when you find out you have a little bundle of joy growing inside of you, but you really don't know how exciting it can be until you get past the sickness and can fully enjoy being pregnant.  For all of you moms who did not have any sickness and had the perfect pregnancy, I envy you.   I will have to say I am very foturnate, because the sickness did not last the whole first trimester.  I keep calling it sickness because the term morning sickness does not describe it best for me.  It was like clock work I would wake up in the morning and as soon as my feet hit the ground I would have to run to the bathroom to puke.  Then I would attempt to eat something, but it was really hard because the smell of EVERYTING made me sick.  The only thing that sounded good was cereal, so I would eat that and head straight back to bed to lay down until I had to force myself to get up to get ready for work.  I usually ate either a grilled cheese from Sonic or a PB&J for lunch, but it didnt matter what I had I would feel sick.  I would only get phycially sick in the morning, but I would just have that feeling of nausea and on the verge of puking all the time.  In the afternoon it was all I could do to make it home so I could crawl in the bed, if I could eat dinner it was usually cereal and then it was straight to bed for me.  I have always heard that you were really tired during your first trimester, but that is the understatement of the century!  I have never felt tiredness like that in all my life, and I guess you have to be or have been pregnant to fully understand it.  I told Luke I felt like I had a parasite growing inside of me, because it was literally sucking the life out of me.  Speaking of Luke, I cannot put into words how wonderful he was while I was so sick.  He would cook for me(which I usually couldn't even eat), clean house, keep up with the laundry, all while waiting on me hand and foot.  I usually cook dinner every night, but I could not stand the smell of anything to cook so when I finally got to feeling better I made him a really nice dinner to repay him for being so wonderful to me.  I am feeling great now, I finally feel and can eat like a normal person.  I had a really hard time at the beginning thinking about the weight gain, because I have been working so hard for so long to get myself in shape, but I am going to take the advice my mom gave me and just embrace it. Another thing I am excited about is being able to eat healthy again, I didn't eat terrible, but I definitly was not eating like I should.  I am getting back to working out, and it makes me feel so much better about myself.  I know it probably sounded like I was not happy being pregnant, and to be honest I was so sick I could not even think happy thoughts.  Now that the peanut has given me some relief I love it to death and cannot wait to meet him or her.


It wasn't expected........


Whew it feels so good to finally be able to share our big news!!  I feel like I have been walking around on eggshells and busting at the seams with excitement for the past few months. 

I am sure some of you are wondering about the title, so let me explain.  Luke and I stopped preventing around the end of October beginning of November, and thought at the end of the summer we would start actively trying.  Most people I have ever known to get pregnant have had to track temp, ovulation, etc., plus it took my sister a year to get pregnant and my mom three years, so I just assumed it would take me a while as well.  Well I was wrong.......I am very bad at keeping up with my cycle and I could not remember the last time I had it, so on Monday January 17th I took a test just as precaution.  I think I can honestly say when it popped up "pregnant" within seconds it was the biggest shock of my life!  I never in my wildest dreams thought I was pregnant.  My mom has always told me you know when you are pregnant, not to mention I wasn't having any symptoms, so I was for sure I wasn't I was just going to take the test to make sure.  As soon as we found out I immediately started crying, and I am not going to lie they were not tears of joy.  Even though I knew it was a possibility I just did not feel like I was ready.  I had so many things going through my mind, and I was terrified.  We went to my moms and after some comforting from her I realized everything was going to be fine.  I think or at least I hope the initial shock is pretty normal, but I am sure it is not the reaction all people have when they find out they are expecting.  It was kind of ironic because I had just talked to my friend Jenny that same day, and she told me that her and her husband were going to adopt, because they were unable to have a baby.  At that moment everything changed for me, I realized what a blessing it was for me to be able to have a baby and there is no way I could ever be upset about it.  I called the doctor the next day, and since I wasn't exactly sure when I had my last cycle they scheduled me to come in three weeks later.  At my first appointment I was 8 weeks and she said everything looked great!  I will be thirteen weeks Monday, and my due date is September 12th! 

Luke and I could not be happier about having a baby, and feel so blessed to have so many people around us that love and support us.  We are probably not as financially stable as we would like to be or done all the things we thought we would do before having kids, but we are perfectly fine with that.  My parents have always told me that if you wait to be prepared for kids you will never have them, because there is nothing that can prepare you for it.  However any and all advice form other moms would be greatly appreciated.  I am really excited to be able to share this next chapter in our lives with you all, and I am going to try my best to update every week.