5 Months

Where is the world is time going?  My sweet boy was 5 months old yesterday, not only is he growing up way too fast, but this year is already flying by!  I cannot believe it is almost March, my 29th birthday is just around the corner, it seems like I just celebrated my birthday, Hudson was still in my belly, now he is 5 months old.  I am not sure of his weight and other stats, I will have all of that in his 6 month post.

Hudson, what wonderful things can I say about you that I have not already said?  You continue to be the light of our lives, and melt our hearts every single day.  You get more personality and cuter everyday. 

Sleep-  You are still not much of a sleeper, but we are pretty used to it by now.  You go down between 7 and 8.  You are usually up every few hours, if you go longer than two hours, that is a treat for mommy.  You are so attached to nursing most of the time you wake up, nurse for a few minutes, and go back to sleep.  Last week you wanted to sleep two hours, then party for two hours, mommy and daddy would appreciate you saving the partying for daytime.  There is no real rhyme or reason to your sleep schedule, we have a bedtime routine, but it doesn't seem to make a difference with your sleeping.  Sleep training has been pretty much a bust recently, we try letting you cry it out, you will not.give.it.up.  We try really hard, but we cannot let you scream, daddy is just as bad as mommy at caving.  Maybe worse.  I know people have their opinion on sleep training/co-sleeping, we will do just about anything for sleep at this point, and this is what works for us.  Who would not want to snuggle with this sweet baby every night?

The bigger you get the less room mommy is going to have, I am outnumbered by all you boys in the bed.

Eating: You are still primarily breastfed, but we are supplementing with formula as well.  Like your sleeping, your eating is very random.  Sometimes you go 4 hours between feedings, other times 2.  I feel like all I do in the afternoon and night is nurse you.  You love to nurse, and often use it as a pacifier.  We are going to start feeding you cereal in a few weeks, that should be interesting.

You are really starting to learn how to entertain yourself, and play with your toys.  You love your activity seat, and spend a lot of time in it.

You also love laying "in the ocean" as we like to say.  However, all you do is lay there.  You still are not big on rolling over, you just lay there and play with your toys.

We celebrated your first Valentine's Day this past month.  You got a card, book, and money from "Sa Sa" and "Granddaddy" and money for your piggy bank from "Mimi".....you are going to be such a heart breaker one day.

You helped mommy bake cupcakes for Nana's birthday, you fell asleep about 15 minutes into the process.

You are not as attached to your paci anymore, you take it when you are going to sleep.  Usually you just like to play with it more than suck on it.

 Always cutting up....

You want to grab EVERYTHING that you  can get your hands on, we have to watch ourselves when we are holding you.  Once you do grab onto something, it immediately goes into your mouth.

Paw Paw LOVES trains, and has been trying to get Macy Kate to like them since she was born.  He is so happy to finally have a little boy to play trains with.  He bought you a old fashioned wooden train set, and could not wait to put it together with you.  You just chewed on the pieces, but I know you will have a blast with it one day.

You love to stand up, and that is usually what we have to do with you when we are in the floor playing.  We are starting to work on sitting up, you can stay put for a few minutes, then you topple over. 

You have started to laugh out loud, and it is the sweetest thing ever.  To get you to laugh we usually have to tickle you under your arms, that is definitely where you are the most ticklish. 

You love to grab our nose and mouth when we are holding you.

You have started grabbing our face and giving open mouth kisses, or at least I like to think they are kisses.  Either way it is the sweetest thing ever.

You "talk" and babble all the time, we really think we know exactly what you are saying.  If there were hidden cameras in our house people would think we are crazy by some of the things we will do to get you to talk to us.

You are such a mama's boy.

You are pretty fond of your daddy too.

You are getting more and more hair, sometimes it has a reddish tint to it.

I cannot get over how "plump" your lips are.

Here you are this morning sitting in your glider.  Now that Valentines is over, it is time to start dressing you up for the next holiday, naturally.

                                                     You still love holding your hands together
Mid laugh

Hudson, we love you more than words can say.  We may not do everything to "right" way, but we are being the best parents that we know how to be.  We are all growing and learning together in hopes that you turn out to be a well rounded individual.  You are not spoiled at all, just very loved.  We are so excited to watch you grow and develop more in the months to come.  I cannot believe my next post you will be half a year old, I need you to slow down, and stop growing up so fast.


Grammy Recap.

This is my short and sweet recap of the not too exciting Grammy's this year. 

Chris Brown- I cannot believe they are still letting this monster have the satisfaction of people applauding him. 

Rihanna- She has a banging body, and a great voice, but I feel like she looked like a prostitute last night.

Taylor Swift- She looked like a performer at Opryland.

Katy Perry- I wanted to yell "YOU GO GIRL" after that performance.

Bruno Mars- My favorite performance of the night, so upbeat and happy!

Adele- Sounded great, but I am over that song.

Jennifer Hudson- PERFECTION!

Those are the performances that came to mind, I won't even begin to talk about all of the sound issues.  Hopefully next year they can get it together, and come up with a better show.


Celebrate Life

Today is the anniversary of this accident.  Instead of doing a sad post of all the details I am going to be positive and celebrate their lives.  I have not had the best attitude lately, due to lack of sleep, but I vow to change that today. Instead of dreading being up all hours of the night I am going to cherish the late night feedings, and spending every moment of quality time I can with my baby, because I will never get this time in his life back.  I never want to know what it is like to lose a child, but after having my own I have a whole new perspective on what the girl's families went/ and are still going through.  I am thankful to have been a part of the girl's lives for such a short time, their death taught me more about life than they will ever know.  I am so thankful for my sorority sisters whom I will always have a special bond that goes beyond sisterhood.  I wish we could all be together on this day every year, but I know no matter where we are, or what is going on in our busy lives, on this day we are all celebrating  these ladies lives and thinking of each other.  I challenge everyone reading to have a positive outlook on life, and remember that life is too short to let the small things get in the way of being happy.  Until the next bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, birthday dinner, homecoming.....LIOB


Super Bowl Nonsense

I apologize in advance, because I am going to be on a soapbox this morning.  Like most people in America last night we watched the Super Bowl, and like most women I was looking forward to the halftime show.  I am not going to lie I was not too impressed with Madge last night, it was a good performance, but I do not agree with those who say it was the best Super Bowl performance ever.  Don't get me wrong Madonna looked and sounded great, I think I was just expecting a little more from her.  I did noticed the TV blur at one point, and I didn't think much about it, when I turned on the TV this morning I learned the reason for it, M.I.A. flipping off the TV.

 Unfortunately the network was too late, and did not catch it in time to blur it out, I for one did not see it, after reading reports I could see it was plain as day.  This is where the soapbox comes in, call me old fashioned, but I found the gesture, tacky, tasteless, rude, classless, just to name a few.  Even though the Super Bowl is a sporting event, I feel like it is still considered a family event, and there are many kids that watch it.  Not to mention, getting to perform at the Super Bowl is such a honor why would you want to basically say F You to all the people who are watching?  I have never even heard the song they were singing, and maybe that was the nature of it, and the gesture went along with it, but I did not find it appropriate at all.  Ever since the whole Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake fiasco I feel like the performances have been  "tamed" if you will, and the performers have not been able to go all out in their performances.  So, thanks M.I.A., next year our half-time entertainment will be a string quartet, since the Super Bowl can't trusts artists to not make them have to release an apology Monday morning.  OK, I will step off of my soapbox for now, I hope everyone has a great week!


4 Month Check-Up

We went to the Dr for Hudson's 4 month check up on Wednesday, and our little man is growing!  His stats are as follows

Weight: 12 lbs 14ounces.  I was actually kind of shocked by this, I thought he would weigh a lot more.  He is a little on the skinny side, but she said it is nothing to be worried about at all.

Height: 25.2 Inches.

Development:  She said developmentally he is doing great, according to the "test" they do for development he is off the charts with problem solving.  He is very curious about things, and wants to figure everything out.  I am not going to lie I was one proud mama hearing that.  I was worried about the fact that he has no interest in rolling over, he has rolled over a few times, but he is pretty content being on his back .  She said it is perfectly fine, he is just a little more laid back in that department.

After talking about his issues with eating/screaming she thought we should put him on meds for reflux.  Thank goodness for Zantac, because he is a completely different baby!  I wish we would have discovered this little miracle drug sooner, he not longer throws awful screaming fits after feedings, and he sleeps so much better.  He is still up several times to eat, but it is completely different than before.  He would want to nurse all night, and never seemed satisfied.  The past two nights he has went right to sleep when we put him in his bed, when he wakes up he nurses, and goes right back to sleep.  I think I have slept better in the past two nights than I have in four months......PRAISE THE LORD.  I felt like I was on the verge of a nuclear meltdown, so this relief could not have come at a better time.

Hanging out before his appointment

The next few I snapped while we were waiting for the Dr.