Meet Macy Kate

Last November my sister gave birth to the most precious little girl in the world (im not bias). Macy Kate Kessler came into all of our lives like a whirlwind and we all fell in love. The is the most energetic, happy, loving child I have ever met. I never realized before she got here how much I was going to love that little girl. I sometimes think she is mine ha ha. If i dont see her for one day I have to go over to Ashley and Marc's house and visit because I miss her so much. Luckily Ashley and Marc are very sharing parents and let us all pass her around like a doll. Well I am not the only one that is smitten by this little girl my parents have discovered that a grandparents love is like no other. They always say that is something completely different from your own. Probably because they spoil her rotten and send her home. It is amazing how we all make fools of ourselves over that child! She has just started crawling and is all over the place! Im sure there will be many more pics to come!


The Bachelorette

So I wasnt going to watch the bachelorette this season, but my friend Jill came to live with us for a while, and she had been watching the show so she got me hooked!! So last night as Jill and I had our usual monday wine and dinner night we were glued to the TV to watch the outcome of the show we had invested so much time in. Jill was always a fan of Jesse, but when he was cut Kipton became her new favorite! From the time that Ed left I told her the whole thing was staged, Ed would be back, and thats who she would pick. However as the show went on last night I was FOR SURE she would pick Kipton, and thats who I wanted because as time went on Ed began to get on my nerves, and after seeing him in the infamous green shorts that was it for me I switched teams ha ha! So Jill and I both were so SHOCKED when the show came to the end and she rejected not only Kipton, but Reid as well. So as I usually do on Tuesday morning I e-mailed my friend Jenny so we could share our opinions, and she gave me the link to a gossip website and according to some sources that are more reliable than others(as the website said) Ed has a girlfriend in Chicago, Kipton is signed to be the new bachelor, and Jillian is going to dump him and try and to get Reid back tonight.....sound familiar?!?! So I can't wait to tune in tonight and find out if the rumors are true=)


Our Wedding

Soon after we got engaged I was on the hunt for the perfect place to get married! I have always wanted to get married outside despite the fear of rain I was on a mission to find a outdoor venue. The first place we went to was Cedarwood a plantation home/wedding venue that is ran by two sisters here in Nashville and I fell in LOVE. It just fit Luke and I so perfectly with the mason jars hanging from the trees and the old wooden swing in the front yard. Anyone close to me knows that I love flowers so that was the most important thing to me, and just so happened one of the ladys that owns the place did flowers for weddings for 13 years before her and her sister opened Cedearwood. There was one drawback from the place and that was it can only hold 200 people comfortably, and it made me really nervous so I continued to look at several other places but kept going back to Cedarwood so we decided that it was more imporant for us to be able to get married where we wanted than having more guests, because in the end we will be able to have all of our closests friends and family there and thats whats most important! So we booked the place for June 12th 2010! Next up was finding a wedding dress, a friend of a friend told me about a little place in Columbia, TN called The Spoiled Lady so thats where I decided i wanted to start the adventure to everyone's surprise I fell in love with the third dress I tried on bought it and the search ended there. My dress is absoultely perfect as my best friend Katie would say "the perfect southern belle dress". The lady that worked at the shop actually brought it to me and I would have NEVER picked it out myself, but boy im glad she did! Next up will be finding bridesmaid dresses I hope it will go as smooth as dress shopping!



I have been saying I was going to start a blog forever and i finally joined in on the fun and took the time to do it. I wanted to share with everyone all of my wedding planning and as most of the people close to us know Luke and I are renovating a house so it will be fun to show all of our before and after pictures of the crazy process. To back track a little.....Luke and I had known of each other for a very long time because he was friends with a lot of the same people I went to high school with and I always had a little bit of a crush, but we never actually met. Fast forward to December 2007 my friends Megan, Emily and I went to visit some of our guy friends we went to high school with, and we get there and unbeknownst to us Luke lived with them! We hung out for a bit and then left and hit the town. With the work of my friend Megan and his friend Adam we all started hanging out together, and by Feburary we were together! On December 6, 2008 Luke popped the question and obviously I said YES!