22 Weeks

I am officially in the "honeymoon" phase.  I am feeling great all the time, and don't even feel pregnant most of the time. I cleaned my house from top to bottom on Saturday, and put all of my Christmas decorations out.  It felt so good to be productive after feeling sluggish for so long.  I am soaking up every minute, because I know the "miserable" stage will be here before I know it.

Weight: I think we are going through a growth spurt, because I have been a eating machine lately.  I have been a little worried about how bad its going to look on the scale.  I randomly got on my scale at home yesterday, and I had lost weight.  I guess working out is still paying off.  I still get up at 4:30, and go to boot camp.  I try to run twice a week.  After my run yesterday I am a little worried about my 5K on Thanksgiving Day.  Mainly from the pressure, and having to pee so much.  I may try to get a support belt to see if it helps.  Has anyone else tried one?

Sleep:  I have had terrible headaches, so I have been taking Zyrtec at night.  It used to wire me, but now it makes me tired, so I have been sleeping like the dead.  The night before last I didn't even get up to pee.  I have random nights I don't sleep well, but no complaints over all.  I think because I get up so early I am still going to bed really early.

Food/Eating: As I mentioned, I have been eating non-stop.  I literally feel like I cannot get full.  I am still stuck on breakfast food.  Luke is wonderful, and gets up almost every morning to cook for me while I am at the gym.  I have given up Apple Juice and moved on to orange juice.  I eat probably 4-6 "Cuties" a day.  I am definitely not lacking in the vitamin C department these days. Instead of burritos, I eat soup for lunch now.  I still cannot make myself eat salads like I used to.  I can't think of anything else I crave consistently.  It is more of I get the urge for something, and have to have it.

Movement: He is still a busy little bee.  I love feeling him move, and the movements are becoming more distinct now.  Its not as much flutters, as kicks and flips.  He was transverse at my ultrasound, but I can't tell if he has changed positions or not.  I can finally feel him move from the outside.  Luke tried to feel him last night, but he stopped moving as soon as he put his hand on my stomach.

Gender: Sullivan Hugh Graves!  I found myself wondering what he will look like the other day.  Will he have brown eyes like his mom and big brother, or green eyes like his daddy??  His profile from the ultrasound looked a lot like Hudson's.

What I miss:  I really don't feel like I am missing too much of anything right now.  I thought I was missing wine. I had a small glass over the weekend, and it just didn't taste right.  This is my favorite stage in pregnancy, so I don't have any complaints.

I am not going to lie, I am pretty pumped about being pregnant during the holidays.  I was a little worried about going overboard, but it is nice to be "guilt free."

I feel like he has really popped out over the last few weeks. 


The Name

Unlike when we were pregnant with Hudson, we had both a boy and girl name picked out pretty early on.  We both really love the idea of a family name for at least one of the names. We were excited when we came up with a way to use family names for both of baby #2's names.  We are so happy to be welcoming Sullivan Hugh Graves in March 2014.  His name has such special meaning to the both of us.  Sullivan is Luke's moms maiden name, and Hugh is my papa's middle name.  So, he will be named after two of his late great grandfathers who were special to the both of us.  I absolutely love his name, and the special meaning.  We are trying to teach Hudson how to say it, but its a bit of a mouthful for him.  I know they will grow up so close, and I can't wait to meet Sullivan!


20 Weeks

We are halfway there!  It's still hard to believe.  I feel like I am going to wake up, and he is going to be here.  Thankfully the nausea has subsided, and I have not had to take Zofran in over a week.  Here is what has been going on the last few weeks.

Total Weight Gain:  As of my ob appointment on Monday I have gained 7lbs total.  I feel like working out has really paid off this pregnancy.  I have gained less than half of what I had at this point in my first pregnancy.  I can honestly say my diet is not that great.  It's not horrible, but I am definitely not eating the way I would if I were not pregnant.  I plan on continuing to workout until I can't anymore.  I am running a 5K Thanksgiving Day, so I am going to start incorporating more running.

Sleep:  Ever since Hudson got sick he has not slept well, so that means none of us have.  Last night was the first full nights sleep any of us has had in two weeks.  Hopefully he is going to get back on track with sleeping all night in his bed.  As for me, I feel like I would be sleeping much better if Hudson didn't wake me up.  I still go to bed early, but I am usually up several times to pee either way.

Food/Eating: I rarely have aversions anymore.  Just smells get to me sometimes.  I am still on Simply Apple, and soda.  Cinnamon rolls have been a new craving for me, and any kind of breakfast food.  Again, this is odd because I don't typically like breakfast food, and almost never want something sweet for breakfast.

Movement:  That whole bit about him not being as active as Hudson was a false alarm.  Now that I can feel him move, it seems like he doesn't stop.  He especially loves night time.  When we were getting our ultrasound he would not stop moving long enough to get pictures.  Every time she thought she could get one, he would flip over.  Looks like we have another busy bee on our hands.

Gender: BOY!  I really admire people who can go the whole pregnancy without finding out, but one thing I love about knowing is being able to call him by name.  I no longer have to refer to him as "it."  I will tell you all his name next week.  We absolutely love his name, and it has such special meaning to both of us.

What I miss:  We had our monthly progressive dinner party last weekend, and I really missed drinking with everyone.  It is only in social settings like that when I really miss drinking.

Best Moment of the Week: Being able to see our sweet baby, and knowing that he is healthy.  It is exciting to find out gender, but the 20 week ultrasound makes me so nervous, because I worry they will find something wrong.  Thankfully, baby boy looks great so far.

I have a few more pictures from the gender reveal, and one of me from this week.  It's not great, but it will do.


Gender Reveal

IT'S A BOY!!!!

That's right friends, we are welcoming another baby boy in March 2014.  As I have mentioned before I have not had a feeling what this baby is from the beginning.  Well, the night before our ultrasound I had a dream it was a girl.  Going into the ultrasound I had convinced myself it was a girl.  After going through all of the organs, and confirming we have a healthy baby (which is the most important thing,) it didn't take her long to see the little private parts.  I think I saw it about the same time she did.  We did things a little different this time around.  My Dr sends her patients to have a high risk ultrasound done, because they can check for a lot more than she can.  Being there are many women who come there with problems they only allow a max of three people in the room.  Last time both of our moms, and my sister in law came, and they had to switch out being in the room.  This time we decided it would only be fair if Luke and I were the only two that went, and everyone else would find out together.  I have no idea how people wait days to tell friends and family, because I was busting at the seams waiting a few hours.  Not to mention it was hard talking to my mom and not spilling the beans.  We had close friends and family meet at a pizza place by our house, and I made cupcakes with blue filling.  We let our moms bite into the cupcakes to reveal the gender.  I didn't get any pictures of them eating the cupcakes because I wanted to watch it myself.  I am trying to get my sister to send me some, and I will post them with my 20 week update.  My mom had convinced herself it was a girl, so she was pretty shocked.  I would say the group was probably 50/50.  Either way we are so thrilled to have a healthy baby.  I know Hudson will love having a little brother, and they will be so close growing up.  It will be really easy to prepare for this baby, because I pretty much have everything I need in the boy department.  Thanks for everyone who came out to celebrate, and all the well wishes!  


Halloween 2013

The week before Halloween Hudson was sick.  We took him to the Dr, and she confirmed hand, foot, and mouth.  It was awful.  He had it in his mouth, and I know it had to be so painful.  Then Tuesday night before Halloween he woke up projectile puking at 1:00 in the morning.  I have to say, toddler puking is the worst.  They can't tell you when it is coming, and they immediately gravitate toward you right before it happens.  I guess from having hand, foot, and mouth he just couldn't shake the stomach virus very fast.  He was starting to feel better by Halloween, but not completely well.  Luckily for us there were bad storms here in Nashville so we had to postpone trick or treating until Friday.  That gave him another day to recover.  He was still not up to par Friday, but  I decided to take him trick or treating for a little while.  He was ok for a little while, and then whined the rest of the time.  I knew the skunk costume from last year would be hard to top, but I think this years costume was a close second.
                                                              Poor sick little boy

I should have known where the night would go from here.

I painted the girls nails black for Halloween.

Macy was a "Diner Girl."  Does this make anyone
else think of Cinderella Story?

Maddie's costume was hilarious.  She didn't slow down
enough for me to get a decent picture.

Thankfully he is still a little too young to be that into trick or treating.  A few houses for pictures was enough for us.  Next year we will be taking two kiddos!  Stay tuned tomorrow to find out the gender of baby Graves #2!