Bridesmaid Dresses!!

Most of you who are close to me know that I am having a REALLY hard time finding bridesmaid dresses. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would have this hard of a time! I think my main problem is that I have a particular color in mind, I want a really bright,fun, summer pink, and you would think that would be a popular color, but i am finding that it is not. My friends and bridesmaids have been SO helpful helping my trying to find something and I appreciate you all so much=). We have been to a lot of places and still no luck, but my maid of honor and I are on a mission this weekend to find the perfect bridesmaid dress! I know i still have plenty of time, but I feel like i cannot get anything else done until I find this dress......I guess i can't be so lucky to find something as quick and easy as my wedding dress=). Hopefully I will have good news after this weekend and will have a dress! The picture is the color that im looking for....so if someone has any suggestions PLEASE let me know!


Girls Trip!!!

Yesterday was a very exciting day because we bought our plane tickets and booked the hotel room for girls trip! In college a group of us made a pact that after college we would go on a trip every year to "try" and relive our college days. Since each of us have very different lives (especially Shannie who has an adorable little girl), it is so important for us to get together every fall to keep in touch with each other and whats going on in our lives. Although we all keep in touch through phone calls and e mails our girls trip is a way for all of us to get away and reconnect with each other. This year we are so excited to be going to NEW ORLEANS!! I for one am so excited not only to be with my best friends, but i have never been to NOLA before! We are going the weekend of Sept 25-27, and just so happened its the weekend of Oktober Fest in NOLA! So from now until then it will be all about saving money and hitting the gym! These are a few pictures from last years girls trip in St. Louis....if this year is half as fun as last we are in for a good time =)



Well this was a BIG weekend as far as engagements are concerned. Not one but TWO of my good girlfriends got engaged this weekend! Friday night we were on the lake with some of our friends and I got a text message from my friend Meg saying that she was engaged! Everyone has just been waiting for the day that this would happen, but nobody knew when it would! I could not be happier for Meg and Aaron they are two truly amazing people who are perfect for each other=). So I have known for a month or so that my friend Leslie was going to get engaged this past Saturday so it wasn't quite as shocking as Meg and Aaron, nonetheless it was just as exciting! I also went to a bachelorette party on Saturday for my friend Heather who is getting married in October! I am so excited for all my friends who are getting married and happy that I have people to talk weddings with since mine is going to be here before I know it! Just to update on our planning I am STILL looking for bridesmaid dresses, but I'm optimistic that I will find something soon! I will keep you all posted....



This past weekend was a really big weekend for us! My best friend Katie and her boyfriend Brad stopped in Nashville on their way to her family vacation in Dolphin island, and stayed with us Thursday and Friday night. Although their trip was short we had such a good time, and i FINALLY got to try my wedding dress on for her =). Saturday we started our BIG renovation on the kitchen. The kitchen is the last and biggest project we have on the house! I am so excited because anyone that knows me and saw my kitchen before knows the renovation was a MUST! Our kitchen was very outdated and not very functional. So Luke, some of his friends, my dad, and uncle worked Saturday and Sunday and got everything gutted out. Its going to be very hard to be without a kitchen for what will hopefully be only for a few months, but knowing how much better my kitchen will be will get us thorough it, and our friends and family feeding us occasionally =). Next up this weekend taking out a wall! I have taken pictures of the progress, but I haven't downloaded them so i will post them soon and keep everyone updated on the progress!


Canoe Trip!!

This past weekend Luke and I went on a canoe trip with our friends that we always go on the lake with. We got up at 5:30 Saturday morning to prepare for the trip and meet up with everyone to begin our caravan to the Buffalo River in Waverly, TN. There were 12 of us total and we had a blast! The river moved pretty fast because of all the rain we got last week so it was nice to not to have to paddle as much(not that I was doing much). The trip down the river went really well until the last hour when we flipped not once but twice! We were good sports and just kept on going. The trip went really well, but boy were we worn out! I wish I had some pictures to post but THANK GOODNESS I didnt have my camera with me or I would have been one unhappy camper=)