After soo many days of snow,no sun, and just dreary grey skies it is so nice to have some sunshine in my life!!  I am deninitely one of those people that the sun can completely change my mood.  I just makes me so happy and even better its on a Friday ha ha!  Hopefully this is going to be a pretty relaxing weekend with lots of cleaning and laundry.  My best friend Katie is coming in town on Tuesday night, so I have lots to get done before then.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys the sunshine!


Travel Anyone??

On top of the stress of wedding planning I thought I would throw in planning a trip to Europe next summer.  I went to Europe for the first time the summer after I graduated college and fell in love with it!  Italy in particular, we flew to Rome, and the rented a car and drove through the Tuscany region (which was unreal) to Florence, and along the way stopped in Sienna and Pisa.  We also went to Cinque Terre and finished our road trip in Milan!  I loved everything about our trip, and its important to me that we take a trip before we start trying to have kids=)  I really want Luke to visit Rome so we are starting there, and after research and talking to friends we are thinking about heading south from there to Naples, Capri, and Sicily.  All of these places look amazing, and Luke actually has family in Sicily so it is important to him that we go there.  So I would LOVE any feedback I can get about any of these places or suggestions of other places we should go??  I know its early, but I want to get started planning so we can figure out how much money to save so this is not something that is just talked about and we never end up doing.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!! 


Hello Lent!

With Luke growing up Catholic he knows all about the sacrifice of giving up something for Lent.  I have given up stuff in the past, and never really stuck to it, but since we are becoming more involved in church I decided to give it a go this year!  I have decided to give up sweets and potatoes, two of which are weaknesses for me!  I know its going to be tough, but its something that I am committed to!  No more WW snacks in the house and in with the yogurt and fruit.  I am also hoping that giving these things up will help in my weight loss efforts .  I went to my ww meeting last night and lost 1.6 lbs.  I know a loss is a loss, but I was really hoping for more since I have been working out so well, so I talked to my trainer this morning and he said I need to start doing cardio everyday.  So if someone needs to find me I will be living at the gym for the next four months!

The Perfect Fit

Luke and I decided a few months ago that it was important for us to start going to church together, and set out to find the perfect church for us.  Luke grew up Catholic and I grew up Baptist, and we decided we just wanted to find a happy medium that seemed to fit for the both of us.  After visiting several churches and nothing clicking for us and getting very frustrated our neighbors invited us to church with them.  They attend Hermitage United Methodist church and althought I have lived very close to this church most of my life, and driven by it countless times I have never actually been to it.  We went for the first time about a month ago and absolutely loved it!  It has things that remind us both of the churches we grew up in.  I used to try and get Luke to go to church all the time and I never could get him to go, but since we started going to HUMC we have not missed a Sunday(except for when it was cancelled for snow)!  This is a place that I can see us attending for a very long time, and a church we can raise our kids in=)


I made it through my first week!!

As I have said before im really trying to lose weight for the wedding, and I had been doing bootcamp....well last week in a moment of temporary insansity I decided to upgrade my package so I do bootcamp three days a week.  For any of you who have done bc its pretty intense.  Sometimes I feel like im on biggest loser ha ha.  So this morning marked my first week of completion.  I have never felt pain and soreness like I have this week in my entire life!  I was actually surprised that with just a day in between each session I could make it back.  As hard as it was and as many times as I have whined and complained it was the best decision!  I feel so much better and I know I am just getting closer with every workout to the way I want to look on my big day!  As far as weight loss I have not had the best past two weeks, last week I maintained and this week I lost 1 lb.  I have been working for 2lbs a week to make it to my goal of 30lbs by my last dress fitting so I have to get back on the ball and make up for it!  Hopefully with my new workout routine I will see better results. I am such a sucker for a glass or two of wine at LEAST two or three days a week, and I have successfully made it through my first week of no alcohol....however I will be enjoying a few tonight to reward myself ha ha!


Hello Weekend!

I am so excited for another nice relaxing weekend at home, because once spring rolls around its gonig to be non-stop until well into the fall!  Tomorrow night we are having friends over for a mexican night and watching the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics.  I for one LOVE the winter and summer Olympics, and especially the opening and closing  ceremonies.  I always feel so proud to live in this great country with such talented althletes when they roll around=).  Last weekend was our 2 YEAR anniversary, and like last year since it falls a week before V-Day we decided to forgo the crowds and go to dinner at Cafe Margot(which was amazing), and cook dinner for V-Day.  As you know by now i LOVE to cook and have been working all week in my menu!  I tell Luke how lucky he is to be with someone who cooks dinner almost every night ha ha=)  I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines's Day!!


Big Meeting!!

So this weekend was FINALLY the big open house at Cedarwood, up until this point we havent had any planning with our place so it was nice to finally feel like it is all coming to life!  As everyone knows the weather was not very conducive to getting out this weekend, but I got an e mail on Friday that said they were having the open house no matter what, so i didnt care if i had to put on ice skates I was going to that open house ha ha!  So me,my mom, Luke's mom, Brit, and my cousin Tab braved the icy roads, and made it safely.  I am so happy that i went because it was SO nice.  I could not have been more impressed with the event.  They had two caterers there to choose from, champagne punch flowing, and all kinds of tables set up to look at centerpieces.  Then to top it off we got to try the cake samples which were to die for!  It was so overwhelming however I was able to make some decisions, and i set a date for my first private planning session at the end of the month, and cannot wait to see what ideas they come up with for us!