33 Weeks

I was 33 weeks pregnant with my little man yesterday, and I'm getting the feeling he is not so little anymore.  This past week was spent relaxing and staying indoors as much as possible.  We have had a serious heat wave here in Nashville, and I don't even like getting out to run errands.  My parents have a pool, and I love to be out in the sun, but it has been too hot to even be in the pool.  I have gone over there late in the afternoon a few times to swim, because the Dr told me that would help my ankle heal faster, plus its the only way I can get exercise right now.

Total Weight Gain: I have a Dr appointment tomorrow, so I will know for sure, and post it next week.  I will say I am feeling extra large these days.

Sleep: Sleep is pretty normal these days, I am up once or twice to go to the bathroom, and I toss and turn quite a bit.  Its a given when I wake up in the morning to feel like I had a serious workout the day before.  Luke actually had to help me up one day, because I was so sore, and stiff.

Food/Eating: My eating has been pretty normal this week, I am still getting full really fast, and trying to eat small meals throughout the day.  I will tell you one of the most miserable feelings is being pregnant and getting too full.  I had a craving the other day, and had to make a special trip to the grocery store to get this...
I am not sure what came over me, but I wanted an old fashioned ice cream sundae with chocolate chip cookies.  I am sure I will see that on the scale tomorrow.

Movement: Any worries I had last week about him not moving have passed, because he is back to his usual active self.  I can really tell he is getting bigger, and I am feeling movement rather than kicks and punches.  He hates for anything to touch my stomach, and it can be comical at times.  I even have to try to wear dresses as much as possible, because the elastic bands on my shorts/pants/Capri's drive him nuts.  I was thinking the other day about how much I am going to miss feeling him move inside of me once he is born.

What I miss: I usually love the summer and everything about it, but I have been wishing it away lately. 

What I am looking forward to: remember me looking forward to his furniture being here last week?  Well its STILL not here, I called at the end of last week, and they assured me it will be here this week.  If it is not I am just going to let Luke handle it, because I have no patience for it at this point.  I am looking forward to getting last minute projects finished up this weekend, and hopefully start using our den by the end of the weekend.

Best Moment of the Week: My parents best friends were in town last weekend and she brought me a gift, since she cannot make it to the shower next weekend.  She bought our monitor which I am so excited about, and a few other odd and end gifts.  My friend Shannie is having a baby boy a week before me, and she had a couples baby shower this weekend, so I got to see her.

Here we are this week....


32 Weeks

I was 32 weeks pregnant with Hudson Monday, and as you can see in my previous post this has been quite the week.  If it is possible I am more thankful than ever for my sweet baby boy, and cannot wait to meet him.  This week has had me on an emotional roller coaster, other than my fall I had a bomb dropped on me when I went to my appointment last week.  My Dr. told me that she was moving her practice to a different hospital effective Sept 1st,  and she would not be delivering me at the current hospital she is at.  She told me she was joining a group and it was purely a financial move, but that did not make me feel any better.  I know some may think i am crazy for being as upset as I am about it, but the hospital I was going to deliver is 5 minutes from us and all of our family, and I am already so familiar with it.  My sister has had both of here babies there and I know the staff is great.  I have never even been to the new hospital, and know nothing about it.  On top of all that to be honest I am pissed that she just nonchalantly dropped this on me two months before I have my baby.  She even told me it had been in the works for a while, so I just feel like she could have let her patients know a little further in advance.  I have even contemplated changing Dr's, but once its all said and done I do love my Dr, and I am sure I will get great care at the new hospital.  I just do not do well with change and it is going to be an adjustment, I am going to stay with my Dr, and just get familiar with the new hospital.  The only way I will change Dr's is if she cannot guarantee that she will deliver me, which is something I am worried about with her joining a group.  One of the reasons I chose her is because she is in an independent practice and always delivered her patients babies, unless she was out of town.  I don't want to go through the hassle of a new hospital if I don't even know that she will deliver Hudson, when I could get to know a new doctor, and stay at our current hospital.  How would you all feel if your doctor did this to you?? 

Total Weight Gain: I had gained 3 lbs at my last appointment so I am up to 27 lbs. 

Sleep: My sleep has been OK this week, with my ankle needing to be propped up my ritual to get comfortable at night is quite comical.  I FINALLY got a body pillow, and I wish I had not just talked about it for all that time, because last night was the best nights sleep I have had in a while.

Food/Eating: Ever since my fall I have been extremely nauseous, and not feeling well at all.  I have been physically sick a few times, but I have come to the conclusion that I have been worrying myself sick.  I talked to the nurse at my doctor's office yesterday and she really put my mind at ease and made me feel so much better.  I am still getting full really easy, and I have found smaller, more frequent meals seem to work the best.

Movement: One of the things that prompt me to call my doctor's office was not feeling him move as much.  He is usually a very active baby, and its not that he isn't moving, just not as much, and his kicks are not as strong.  The nurse assured me that everything was OK, he is just running out of room to move, it just so happened to be around the time of my fall that his activity will be slowing down.

What I Miss: I am too thankful to be missing anything this week.

What I am looking forward to: I know i have been saying this forever but I cannot wait for his furniture to get here.  It should have been here last week, but some reason our order was put on hold.  They have assured me it will be here this week, so if I don't get a call today or tomorrow I will be losing my patience.

Best Moment of the Week: After I was released  from the hospital on Saturday we went back home, and my mom and aunt finished cleaning out the nursery.  There were odd and end things left in there, and it needed to be cleaned.  They cleaned out his closet, and I was finally able to hang all of his little clothes in there.  I realized that I have done a pretty good job of not going crazy buying stuff, but I know after my shower it will look like he has more, and I can buy whatever he still needs.

Here we are this week....


Scary Saturday

I think I can chalk this past Saturday up as one of the scariest days in my life.  Remember me talking about having a work day to finish up odd and end projects?  One of the projects was to replace the steps that go from our kitchen down into the den.  Luke woke up early and him and my uncle got right work and realized they were going to have to replace everything (they originally thought they could use the frame of the original steps), so they took a trip back to Lowe's.  My mom called shortly after and said her and my dad were on their way, and so I got up and went to open the door for them.  Our front door is really hard to open because Luke put a weather strip on it, so after a failed attempt at getting it open I went to open the door in the den.  They had already removed the old steps so all that was left was the platform, and for some reason still unknown to me i thought I could just just off of the platform down into the den.  I have a really bad habit of forgetting that I am pregnant and thinking that I can do things that I clearly cannot, so as soon as i bent my legs to jump I lost my balance and one leg went down and the other did not.  I honestly cannot tell you exactly how it happened because I still have not been able to put it together, but what I can tell you it was the dumbest thing I have ever done.  As soon as I went down on my right leg it gave out and I felt a pop.  I was immediately in so much pain that I could not stop screaming or get my breath.  I was so scared, and worried about Hudson that I didn't even care about my ankle.  I finally got myself calmed down and crawled to open the door, and started yelling for any of my neighbors, and none of them were outside.  I was so scared and being there by myself made my hysteria ten times worse.  Finally after about 15 minutes I saw my parents coming down the road.  I was crying so hard they could not figure out what had happened and just put me in the truck and headed to the emergency room.  Thank the lord for my mom who was so wonderful and calmed me down.  I kept saying I couldn't feel Hudson move and she assured me he was OK.  As soon as we got to the ER they took me right back and I told them I didn't care about my ankle I just wanted to make sure my baby was OK.  They sent someone down from labor and delivery right away and she found his heartbeat within a few seconds, I felt an instant calm come over me, and I just could not stop thanking the Lord for taking care of my baby.  After that they took x-rays and ruled out my foot being broken, and said I had just sprained it really bad.  They called my Dr to let her know what happened and she wanted me to be observed so they sent me up to labor and delivery to monitor Hudson.  They wanted to make sure that he was OK and that the trauma had not caused me to start having contractions or anything.  They watched him for about an hour, and said that everything looked OK just to take it easy for a few weeks.  I went home, and that's when the guilt set in, and has not stopped, I am just so mad at myself for doing something so stupid and putting my baby at risk.  I just burst out in tears randomly thinking about how it could have been so much worse.  I think this is just a sign to show me that I need to stop overdoing it and take all precautions to make sure Hudson is safe, and I will not be doing anything like that again.  I did determine on Sunday morning that I must have hit the tile pretty hard because there was not one inch on my body that was not sure.  On a positive note, Luke, my dad, and two uncles worked so hard all weekend and finished the steps and they turned out great!  These steps have been a thorn in my side for months and I am so thankful to finally have them done.  I didn't get any before pictures for obvious reasons, but here they are finished, and Jax wanted to be in the picture.

From the top of the landing off the side is where
I fell from....about 4 feet.

Hopefully we will not have anymore accidents like this for a very long time, and I will be taking extra precautions and taking better care of myself for the remainder of this pregnancy. 



I have started making a list of everything we need to get done before Hudson gets here, and I am feeling a little overwhelmed.  Since we are still in the finishing phase of renovating our house there are some odd and end projects that I want to get done, because I know once he gets here things will be put on hold.  I am hoping we will knock a lot of it out this weekend and the weeks to come, but I have told myself that I cannot get myself too stressed out worrying about it.  If any of you have suggestions for things that we may forget about or forget to take to the hospital I would love any advice.


31 Weeks....

I was 31 weeks pregnant with Hudson on Monday, and this week flew by!  I am not complaining at all, because I know once we get down to the wire it will feel like time is standing still.  Luckily we had a pretty low key weekend, so I was rested when Monday rolled around.  I have a feeling a lot of our weekends from here on out are going to be free of plans and taking it as easy as possible.  Here is what we have going on this week....

Total Weight Gain: I go to the Dr today, and I will know for sure, but I feel like I am holding steady at 24 lbs.

Sleep: My sleep has been a little odd this week, I have been waking up a lot during the night, and having a hard time falling asleep.  I usually have no problem falling asleep so this is something new for me, but even though I have been going to sleep later and waking up in the night I do not feel super tired.  I guess this may be another way my body is preparing for this baby.

Food: My loss of appetite I had last week has been the complete opposite this week, because there have been a couple of days that felt like I could not get enough to eat.  Monday I randomly had a craving for Captain D's, which is probably my first odd craving, because I never eat that, and think it is gross.  I just fought the craving on that one, because I knew I would not feel good after eating all that grease.  My appetite is still not what it was, and I fill up on just a little bit of food.

Movement: I asked my mom the other day if how he was in the womb was any indication of how he would be as a child, if so I am going to have a wild child on my hands.  He has kicked it in high gear this week, and puts on quite the show at night.  I have been trying to get it on video, but of course he stops every time I get my phone out.  The poor little guy has the hiccups all the time, and i was not sure if it was the hiccups at first because it happens so often, but my mom assured me it was.  I wish I could bottle the feeling of him moving up, because I know I will miss it once he is born.

What I miss: I am really missing my summer wardrobe this week.  I am tired of wearing the same thing, and wish I had a bigger variety to choose from.

What I am looking forward to: We are having a "work day" at our house on Saturday, and I am so excited......sad I know.  My parents, aunt, and uncle are coming over to help finish up all the odd and end projects we need to get done on our house and the nursery.  My aunt is the organization queen so she is going to help me organize my closets and get the most use out of the space.

Best Moment of the Week: I get to hear Hudson's sweet little heartbeat today, and I am sure nothing will be able to top that!

Here we are this week.....sorry for the bathroom pic.


Madison Denise Kessler

Maddie made her way into this world Saturday July 3rd at 2:37AM.  I am not sure if I mentioned it in a previous post, but my sister had a c-section scheduled for today, well Maddie had other plans...

My sister had been having pretty good contractions for about two weeks, and we all thought that it would be any day, and then she would go to her Dr appt and had not made any progress, so we thought she would for sure go until her c-section.  Luke's family vacation was last weekend, and I was a little nervous about leaving town. She went to her Dr appt on Thursday and she was dilated to a two and her cervix had not thinned at all, and we thought the coast was clear.  We stayed up late hanging out with Luke's family on Saturday night and after being in bed a little over an hour Luke's phone rang at 1:00AM, and it was my mom saying that Ashley was on her way to the hospital her contractions were a minute apart.  I could hear that it was my mom on the phone and I immediately got out of bed and started getting my stuff together.  Luckily we had already packed everything up, and we just threw everything in the car and hit the road.  Shortly after we were on the road my aunt called me from the hospital and said that Ashley was at a 9, Maddie was coming, and there was no time for an Epidural. 

This is a funny little background story.....so my mom has been trying to convince us to have natural labor because she did, and she thinks it is so much better for the baby, and she says its such an empowering feeling.  Well my sister and I have just laughed her off and said she was absolutely crazy, turns out my sister did get the chance to experiencing what she had been talking about, kind of.

Now back to the delivery, apparently when they go to the hospital the nurses were having a fourth of July party, and as soon as they realized Ashely was at a nine chaos broke out.  My mom said there were nurses running around like crazy, and they never even hooked the fetal monitor up.  They kept telling Ashely not to push , and she said that was the hardest part because that is exactly what your body wants to do.  My mom said she was OK the whole time and Ashely did wonderful, and then one of the nurses said "this baby is breached".  I think that is when everyone started to get worried, but luckily Ashely's Dr got there, went straight in, checked, and said "yep that's a butt".  That is when they took Ashely back and did an emergency c-section.  They were only at the hospital for about an hour before Maddie was born, so I can only imagine how intense it was with everything that happened in such a short amount of time.  Although she didn't push Maddie out Ashley said she feels like she can say that she experienced natural childbirth and from what I heard over the phone she gets points in my book.  I guess that just shows how much the drugs can control your labor, because it happens a lot faster when your body does it naturally.  I don't think I will be jumping on the all natural train, but I am proud of my sister for doing it.  I have said this whole time that I don't care how Hudson gets here as long as he is healthy, but the only thing I feel strongly about is not being induced.  If it can be avoided I do not want to be induced and would rather my body go into labor naturally.  Maddie is the sweetest little thing, with TONS of personality.  The nurses in the nursery said they have never seen a newborn who is so opinionated , so it looks like we have another Macy Kate on our hands.  I did not get many great pictures, but here is what I have so far, and I know there will be plenty more to come :)

A lot of people have asked me how Macy Kate is
doing with having a new sister.  Does this face give you an idea?

She actually does really well with her, sometimes she is all about
her and sometimes she don't even want you to talk about her.
She was sitting on the end of Ashley's bed one day and
looked at her so serious and said "is that baby going to eat your booby" ha ha.

I plan on spending most of the weekend loving on that little girl, and I will get better pictures to post next week.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


30 Weeks....

Sorry I am late with my post this week, but we have had QUITE the week, and I will do posts about it later.  I have not been feeling so great this week.  After walking all over Dollywood and Gatlinburg, and not getting much sleep the past week I am officially worn out.  I think I just need to take it easy and nap more, because I am wearing myself too thin, and trying to do too much.  I am so slammed at work so this is going to be short and sweet.

Total Weight Gain: I gained a pound at my appt last week so I am at 24 lbs.

Sleep:  It has gone out the window this week.  We have had a lot going on in our family, and I have had a lot on my mind, so I have been pretty restless.  I have been hurting in my back really bad, so that has not helped at all.

Food:  I have not had an appetite lately, and I have to force myself to eat.

Movement:  He is still moving around like crazy and his kicks get harder and harder everyday.

What I miss:  I have been craving sandwiches lately.  I am not sure why, but I think its the warm weather.

What I am looking forward to:  Luke painted the nursery on Monday and I am ordering the furniture today, so I cannot wait for it all to come together.

Best Moment of the Week:  Maddie was born!!!  I will do a full recap in the next few days.

this is the best picture I have of us this week.